local products market ibiza es mercat de forada interactive market and centre for cultural exchange

local products market ibiza es mercat de forada interactive market and centre for cultural exchange

Local Products Market Ibiza
Interactive Market & Centre for Cultural Exchange
parking of CAN TIXEDO Tapas Bar & Art Cafe, Forada, Buscatell, Ibiza

Every Summer Saturday from 6pm to 10pm

Interactive Market, for the exchange and (re) sell of sustainable, artisanal and local ecological products.


During the establishment of the Ibiza Cooperativa there appeared to be a great need among the participants for the possibility to exchange, buy or sell, local ecological and agricultural products, anywhere on the island of Ibiza, and preferably on a fixed day.


So people from different ranks of local cultural groups, environmental and humanitarian organizations, came into action, including the Local Products Group of the Ibiza Cooperativa, Franchesca Kirby (AAPLE association of artisans from Ibiza), the owner of Can Tixedo, and of course Chris Dews (Casita Verde), cooperated with the local authorities towards the creation of the very first LOCAL PRODUCTS MARKET & Centre for Cultural Exchange, during the Festival of San Antonio, on January 19, 2013, in the parking lot of the well-known tapas bar & art café Can Tixedo in Forada (Buscatell).
Unfortunately the weatherforecast for this day was too bad, so the first market was held one week later, on January 26, from 10 am to 4pm.

Although that first morning, a strong wind rose, and some stall holders saw their merchandise flying through the air or getting wet on the ground, the majority of the participants remained, enthusiastic to show, swap or sell their products.
The officials of the Ajuntament (municipality) of San Antonio, also attended, and were very positive. They even considered chances positive to be able to regularly repeat the event in future.
Also the sun, which appeared later, contributed to a successful and well-attended first market event, which finalized with a number of live performances by local artists.

Meanwhile on Saturday, February 9, under similar weather conditions, the second market day took place, with 20 stalls.
Time to inform you of the existence of this special, new and regular Saturday market, ES MERCAT D’FORADA in Ibiza, which is certainly worth a visit if you spent time in Ibiza.

Ibiza 4 all, ES MERCAT DE FORADA - LOCAL PRODUCTS MARKET IBIZA - Interactive Market & Centre for Cultural Exchange - every Saturday 6pm- 10pm - Can Tixedo, Forada, Ibiza.
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